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Making Your Business Look Good Is Our Business Since 1996

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Delivering Top Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Clean Team prides itself on consistently exceeding customer expectations and holds a steady track record of never missing a day of service. We work with area businesses to complete a building analysis and customize a commercial cleaning plan to meet the unique needs of your business. We offer professional cleaning services, carpet and floor care, by trained employees.

We have area offices and provide commercial cleaning services in Battle Creek, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Evansville, Findlay, Fort Wayne, Fremont, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, Lansing, North Jersey, Saginaw and Toledo, Youngstown outlying areas of those cities.

Our Executive Management team provides decades of experience and are committed to providing industry leading service.

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Commitment to Excellence Through EOS

Harnessing The Power Of The Entrepreneurial Operating System For Superior Cleaning Services

At Clean Team, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service through the proven principles of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

EOS is a comprehensive business management framework that empowers us to streamline our operations, enhance communication, and achieve our goals efficiently. By implementing EOS, we ensure that every team member is aligned with our vision, and we consistently deliver high-quality cleaning services that exceed our clients' expectations.

Our commitment to EOS means that we operate with transparency, accountability, and a relentless focus on improvement, making Clean Team the reliable choice for all your cleaning needs.


Trained Personnel

Clean Team offers ongoing training programs for our valued employees.


Smart, Cost-Effective Service

We create innovative solutions for our customers’ facility management needs through trained personnel, quality products, and consistent service.

Weekly Leadership Meetings

Clean Team Weekly Leadership Meetings

Reliable Management

Weekly leadership meetings to review training, client relationships, quality and employee retention.


Customer Retention

Clean Team prides itself on consistently exceeding customer expectations and holds a steady track record of never missing a day of service.

Medical Facility Cleaning

Never Missing a Day of Service

Dedicated People

We are appreciative of loyal employees that work hard every day to keep customers happy.

10 Reasons to Choose Clean Team

  1. Reliability - We have never missed a day of service
  2. Our associates are trained in the art of cleaning
  3. All associates wear Clean Team shirts on the job
  4. All your hassles are taken away by us
  5. We offer flexible scheduling
  6. Clean Team is insured
  7. Clean Team can professionally clean your carpets
  8. Convenience - We offer you a single source for your supplies
  9. Clean Team can professionally strip and wax your floors
  10. Clean Team is a member of the Building Service Contractors Association

CUSTOMER SERVICE When you call our office, you will speak to an actual person. We respond quickly by providing the essential information to our cleaners, supervisors, managers, and office staff.

QUALITY CONTROL All of our employees are extensively trained using the Tell, Show, Do, Review method before they begin cleaning in your building. Each of our employees inspects the cleaned areas before leaving the work site. As added assurance, our supervisors and managers also provide a double-check of the area. Furthermore, each customer's building receives a formal inspection by a site manager on a monthly basis.

CHRONOTEK Time on the job is one of the largest influences of quality in the service industry. Chronotek shows the time in and time out status of each of our employees as they clock in or out, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know who is working, where they are working, and when they arrived and left. Chronotek helps us ensure that we are delivering efficiency and quality to each and every customer.

ALERTS AND SCHEDULES Timekeeping is 100% accurate. Servers are synchronized daily to ensure 100% accuracy on all calls. Schedules can be used for guaranteed service, with alerts sent to supervisors and managers.

CLIENT RETENTION In order to completely satisfy our clients' needs and expectations, Clean Team strives to build relationships with customers. We understand that the needs of our clients change over time. Clear communication is our way of ensuring that we can adapt our service to our client’s changing needs, thereby retaining them as satisfied customers.

ACCESSIBLE All managers and supervisors carry cell phones in order to be reached if needed for immediate assistance.

LOCAL EMPLOYEES Clean Team hires local employees.

GAME ROOM Expanding on our sports theme, Clean Team has an area called the Game Room, which is dedicated to the training of our cleaning staff.


Professional Affiliations

Proud to be Awarded BSCAI's Safety Award

Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) Member since 2004

Clean team has been a consecutive member since 2004.

As part of BSCAI's on-going effort to promote safety throughout the association and industry, BSCAI invites entries for its Safety Awards Competition.

In 2018, Clean Team accepted a safety award at the Building Service Contractor Association (BSCAI) annual convention.

BSCAI's Safety Awards are given to companies with the best safety records.



ISNetworld®, helps companies identify the most qualified contractor companies that meet and exceed industry, regulatory, and company-specific standards in the areas of health, safety, quality, insurance, training, cybersecurity and ESG.


International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA)

•Helps its members demonstrate the true value of clean

Michigan Ambulatory Surgery Assoication Logo

Michigan Ambulatory Surgery Association (MASA)

The Michigan Ambulatory Surgery Association (MASA) acts as an advocate for its ambulatory surgery center members, offers educational opportunities, and provides a forum for disseminating information.


Northwest Ohio Safety Council

•The premier provider of safety, health and environmental services for the workplace and the community.


Building Services Contractors Association International (BSCAI)

An organization for professionals in the building services industry.

•Provided with updates on new cleaning techniques used within the industry, which we implement in the buildings we clean.

•Helps us find ways to cut customer’s expenses, which we offer our clients competitive prices.

•Follow the BSCAI Code of Ethics, ensuring that our clients are given fair and quality service.

Clean Team Planning Meeting

Routine management meetings ensure we are providing the highest quality service.


"Thank you for having in your employ a person of character. Doing a job, even doing it well is only one part of being a good employee. Having employees who exhibit good character makes organizations like yours---and mine---the success they are."


"Thank you again, John, for partnering with the MMCM to provide a fabulous, clean and sanitary hands-on play environment for children and families. Thank you once again."