Frequently Asked Questions

​If you’re looking for a commercial cleaning company, you may have questions. ​Clean Team ​compiled some of your most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers. ​If you would like any more information, please contact us​.

Do you run a background check on your cleaners?

Yes! We run a Nationwide criminal background check on everyone that works for Clean Team regardless of position.

Do you use franchisees or subcontractors?

No, Clean Team has only W2'd employees with verified I9's that are insured and bonded by Clean Team.

Is your staff uniformed?

Yes, all of our staff regardless of position will be in uniform in our customers buildings. Our "Clean Team" logo is large and very noticeable to make sure all staff feels comfortable.

Are your chemicals effective against COVID?

Yes, we use all Hospital grade disinfectants with quick kill claims that are very effective against COVID 19 or other viruses present. Our chemicals are on the EPA N-List as well.

What do you do if your cleaner calls off?

We have over 1,000 employees in our company which means a lot of depth and cross training. We have also created positions dedicated within the company to fill in if call offs or openings occur throughout the night!

Is your staff trained?

Yes, all of our staff goes through in-house training videos and checklists which include training on customer service, safety (including BBP training), proper chemical usage, proper procedure for restroom cleaning, etc. before they ever step foot into any of our partners facilities. Once inside the facility additional training and check offs occur.

We are on our 3rd cleaning company in the last 2 years. What makes your company any different?

We are a privately held regional provider. This is great to the end user because we are large enough with our staff of over 1000 and financially secured enough to buy any equipment needed to take on any opportunity. However we are small enough to care about our customers and have a local presence and local Branch Manager and Operations Manager assigned to every contract we have. Our extremely high 95% customer retention rate speaks to this.

It seems like when we hire a new cleaning company they do great for the first month and then it is terrible. What makes your company any different?

We pride ourselves on consistent quality. We have several best practices and procedures in place to ensure consistency. Daily huddles with our management team to discuss your building needs every day, mandatory electronic inspections, monthly customer check ins, and formal 90 day customer quarterly performance reviews are just a few of the things that we do to create a high level of continuous improvement and satisfaction.

Our building is 200,000 square feet, can you handle that?

We specialize in cleaning large facilities. In fact we clean facilities over 1 million square feet so nothing is too big for us! We have a great team of Operations Managers who can engineer a "team cleaning" schedule customized for your building whether you are in a high rise office, distribution center, manufacturing facility, surgical center, or bank. We will design a plan to take care of your needs.

Can you provide fogging services for COVID 19?

Yes we use top of the line equipment to provide electrostatic disinfecting along with top of the line chemicals specifically designed for any surface that are very safe (PH neutral) yet extremely effective!

Do you have toilet paper, soap, and other consumables?

Yes! We can be your single source provider for any jan-san needs. We have several large warehouses that stock toilet paper, paper towels, soaps, sanitizers, urinal screens, air fresheners, etc. We are aligned with tier 1 vendors and buy directly from the manufacturers so that we can pass the savings along to our customers!

Can you strip and wax our floors?

Yes! We have several full time floor technicians with over 20 years of experience. Whether you have VCT, LVT, ceramic tile, marble, terrazzo, wood, etc. We can build a floor program designed for your facility.

We have 50,000 square feet of carpet. Can you professionally clean this?

Yes we own large truck mount carpet vans with extension hoses that allow us to clean large areas of carpet!