Disinfectant Cleaning Services

COVID19 Disinfectant Cleaning Services Provided By Clean Team Indianapolis Division

Our Clean Team Indianapolis division had been servicing a large manufacturing facility 5 days a week with normal janitorial cleaning services. Since the COVID19 outbreak, we have been providing the facility with daily disinfection services to help their employees stay healthy and productive. Our disinfectant spray services have helped them stay operational during these trying times.

Our Clean Team Indianapolis division has also been providing a medical facility with disinfectant services since the COVID19 out outbreak started. We are even providing them with emergency disinfection sprays after one of the employees was suspected of having the Coronavirus. We spray over 100,000 sq ft of space every weekend, which includes two large cleaning rooms. Our disinfectant cleaning services have helped this medical device company stay operational so far during this pandemic.

We don’t stop at medical manufacturing facilities, we also offer disinfectant cleaning services to medical clinics and home health care too! We have been providing COVID19 disinfectant cleaning services to Indianapolis medical clinics by disinfecting their vans which are being used to deliver food to the elderly. Our COVID19 disinfectant service has helped the workers stay healthy so they can continue to help others by delivering meals and taking clients to appointments when needed.

We also offer many commercial cleaning services to churches in the Indianapolis area. We have provided COVID disinfectant cleaning services to local churches by deep cleaning and disinfecting their chapels, offices and childcare spaces. Because of our COVID19 cleaning services, these places of worship will be ready to open when the time is right!

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