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A Novi medical facility was having problems with their current medical cleaning company missing days of service. Facility managers and HR for the medical facility came to realize that some nights cleaning was not being performed at all. If one of the contracted employees called in sick or called off the contracted company had no back up plan and the medical building went unclean from the day prior. In a medical facility, certain regulations are in place by the government that each facility must be cleaned. This was obviously a big issue and problem with everyone involved.

The company called Clean Team, Inc. looking for a quality medical cleaning professional solution. Clean Team provided the medical facility with the practices and systems in place so that a day of service is never missed. Clean Team Inc. has never missed a day of service since starting business in 1996.

Using a time keeping system which requires using a physical landline in the designated building ensures no building will ever be missed. The time keeping system is monitored at night by an area manager and again first thing in the morning by the respective office manager. By using this simple tool the Medical facility was able to relax and sleep easy knowing that Clean Team Inc. was watching over the building at night and things were being cleaned!

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