Cleaning Services for Medical Offices

Medical office janitorial services

As a critical component of healthcare, medical offices require a level of expertise and training above and beyond standard office cleaning. To ensure the health and safety of your patients and employees, you need a medical office cleaning company with the proven expertise, commitment and experience you can trust.

In addition to our hospital cleaning services, Clean Team has been providing healthcare cleaning services to physician’s offices, dental practices and surgical centers since 1994. As proven medical office commercial cleaners, we are your first line of defense in fighting infectious diseases. Our medical office cleaning improves the overall health of your medical environment, which benefits your patients, your employees and your medical practice. Clean Team’s commitment to quality and consistency in medical office cleaning services provide you with a clean and healthy environment for your patients and your entire staff – which is even more important now during Covid-19.

At Clean Team, we understand that the real focus of medical cleaning services must be health first and appearances second. We understand the critical need of medical office surfaces to be cleaned and disinfected properly. From the waiting room to imaging areas and individual physician offices, we use only the best hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants. In addition, Clean Team uses some of the most advanced technology in healthcare cleaning and hospital janitorial services to efficiently clean even the most hard-to-reach surfaces. This includes electrostatic disinfection fogging, which is the most effective way to kill any viruses (including COVID-19). Don’t settle for anything less.

Professional Cleaning Of A Medical Facility

Your Medical Practice Deserves Our Best Practices

Our standards at Clean Team are consistent with the best practices for medical facility cleaning services established by the healthcare community. We are CDC, EPA and HIPAA compliant.

• Experts in Medical Facility Cleaning

At Clean Team, we know the differences between clean, contamination-free and sterile. We use only the top quality, hospital grade cleaning solutions.

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Let us show you what our 23+ years of cleaning experience in the medical industry has taught us about what is required to clean all types of healthcare facilities and medical offices.

• A Clean, Healthy Environment is Essential

We understand that cleaning your facility to the highest standard is the best way to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, pathogens and viruses.

With medical office cleaning from Clean Team, your patients and employees will feel confident, comfortable and secure knowing that you care about their environment and their safety.

We invite you to contact us to set up a free consultation with one of our experienced medical office cleaning staff leaders. Call us today or click here for a free quote.