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We're a leading regional commercial janitorial company headquartered in Ohio, with offices in Michigan, Indiana, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We provide local commercial cleaning services in these major cities Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis and surrounding areas. We complete a building analysis and customize a cleaning services plan.

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Tired of dull floors and lackluster carpets? Clean Team, your commercial floor care specialists, goes beyond basic cleaning to offer professional solutions for every surface in your building. From high-traffic VCT tiles to delicate marble floors and plush carpets, we have the expertise and equipment to tackle any challenge. We offer a range of services, from deep cleaning and restoration to routine maintenance, ensuring your floors not only look their best but also last longer. Clean Team has the solution for you, we customize a cleaning service plan for each client. Let's get those floors shining once again!

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There are several different methods that we use for commercial carpet cleaning.

  • Hot Water Extraction: For deep carpet cleaning, our preferred method is hot water extraction. This method uses hot water to loosen tough dirt, grime and stains and then extraction to leave your carpets cleaned and refreshed.
  • Bonnet Cleaning: This method is a quicker and more affordable option that uses a bonnet pad to clean the carpet's surface. This process does not produce as deep of a clean as hot water, but it is a quick solution when in between hot water cleanings.
  • Dry Cleaning: This process effectively removes surface dirt and minor stains without using water. This can be a quicker method if the carpets need to be used soon after cleaning. Though, it should be used for minor issues.
  • Daily Vacuuming: At Clean Team, we recommend vacuuming your floors each day to help with the longevity of your carpet and stay on top of dirt accumulation!

Vinyl composite tile (VCT)

VCT is somewhat of a high maintenance floor that requires a semi permanent floor sealer to be applied for numerous reasons including: protecting the tile from damage, creating a less porous tile that can be kept clean easier, and for creating a more slip resistant surface. The common floor care services to perform on VCT are:

  • Strip & Wax: This process includes stripping the old sealer from the floor and then re-sealing it with 4-6 coats. Strip & Waxing services are typically performed in facilities with harsh soils like manufacturing plants, foundries, metal shops, refineries, etc.
  • Top Scrub & Recoat: This is a faster, cleaner and more inexpensive alternative to strip & wax processes. In this service, our technicians take a swing machine to take off the top layers of old sealer to then place new sealer on top. For the typical office environment with foot traffic of 100 people daily, we recommend performing this twice a year.
  • Burnish: This process polishes VCT without chemicals being used. The high speed machine takes off any scuff or minor scratches in the floor. While this machine runs, it hardens the existing sealer allowing for shine and more resistance to future scratching. This service can be done weekly and can help with the longevity of your VCT flooring.
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Marble & Terazzo

These natural stone floors require special service as they can easily scratch from harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbing techniques. It is important to preserve the natural beauty of such floors while cleaning them.

  • Honing: For these floors, we recommend honing to achieve a matte finish. This process removes the very top layer to smooth out any scratches or imperfections. This detailed method reveals the beauty of the natural stone and enhancing its character. It is ideal to burnish these floors regularly to maintain its shine.

Luxury Vinyl tile (LVT), Epoxy & Ceramic Tiles

These flooring types require regular maintenance to keep them long-lasting. Unlike VCT, these floors are not meant to be sealed. Although these floors are not necessarily meant to shine, more than a bucket and mop is required to keep the floors smooth.

  • Machine Scrubbing: To deep clean these floors, we use a swing machine scrubber. This allows us to get into the grout and gaps of these flooring types. With just a ordinary mop or walk behind auto scrubber, you are unable to deep clean such porous floors. Depending on your facilities traffic, it is recommended to have this service done monthly to quarterly.

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